Inspired by Adam Richman of Man vs Food ,  Hank Daddy has developed his own FireWing Challenge using his own Original Barbecue Sauce and some of the hottest peppers  on earth. cChallengers must finish 15 FireWings in 15 minutes or less. If  FireWings are eaten in less than 15 minutes, they must wait out the full 15 minutes with nothing to drink or wipe. Additional rules apply, and challengers must sign a waiver.

Successful challengers win a lifetime of bragging rights, a 
t-shirt a Survivor Certificate and are pictured here, on our Wall of Fame.
Tony P - I can't feel my lips
Mark T - I didn't think it would be bad...IT WAS!!!
Gucci L - I loved it!!!
Steven S - Clears the sinus..Loved it.
Shayne S - Hot as Hell !!
Elle D - "Love the wings...not that hot;)..."

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